About Us


In the beginning

Saving Hands is a nonprofit organization in India, registered under the societies registration act of 1860. Set up in 2020 during the pandemic COVID 19, the organization works for Society the poor and needy, helping the poor and needy with essential things like food, clothes, medical expenses, education for the society.

What We Do


Saving Hands enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work.


A nation in which everyone can get the right opportunity they need.

Our Services

What to Expect

Helping poor students for School Fees

Helping needy families with monthly grocery

Medical Expenses

Free food through Mobile App

Our Origin

How It All Started

100 Grocery Bags
We initiated our first campaign for homeless and the poor by providing
them “Grocery Bags” each grocery bags were with Rice, Dal, Cooking Oil,
Sugar, Spices, Tea Powder, Soap, Paste, i.e. provision for a month during
COVID 19 in 2020. We managed to collect money from various sources
and donations to buy the whole month provision that could support a
family of four. We provided 100 Grocery bags (100 families) in Tamil
Nadu (Tirunelveli Dist.). We set up certain schemes where those who
wanted to donate could start with minimum of 100/-, we contributed
towards their wellbeing and overall health by sweeping off hunger. This
program ran for almost three months until things got better in certain
region in Tamil Nadu


For those helpless childrensand people who need it every minitues.